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Derek Loewen


Jimbo H, Krakow Craft beer scene

Craft beer bars popping up quicker than you can say 'jedno piwo proszę'. Krakow at time of writing has 15 significant small craft beer bars, for a small city this is a decent splattering

Bustling Bratislava on a backpackers budget, learn the real costs of what this great city has to offer


Alex Trembath, Bratislava, Slovakia

Old Town street Bratislava.jpg
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See what Wally has seen, and eat where Wally has eaten, on one of the many roof top bars and restaurants in Prague.  A city that never fails to impress.  Wally takes you on a dog friendly adventure of this awesome city and shows you the best place to stay and relieve yourself.

Wally Dogster, Prague, Czech Rep

Working out a budget for Nicaragaua can be difficult if you have never been and reading out of date travel books, here is a recent update of costs ranging from a bottle of coke to a horse.


Jimbo H, Nicaragua

Another long-standing rumour that we’re happy to confirm is that beer is generally cheaper than water at restaurants

Jennifer Bryant    Roadhouse Hostel, Prague