Our history

Wally dogster is the manager, financial officer and general dogsbody (groan...) of the Ginger Monkey Hostel in Slovakia - a three-times award winning hostel set in the Tatry mountains. One of Wally's favourite things - apart from chasing sticks - is watching like-minded backpackers crowded around the kitchen table, beer in hand, sharing stories, tips, travel plans and ideas. 

Building a community

So we decided there had to be a way to bring this mentality online - because we couldn't find anything out there now which brings together this idea of community and travelling: they're either too corporate or commercially motivated, too overrun with cruisers and package holidayers, too unrealistically travelporny, or too niche. 

The travelling philosophy
There are a number of things that set 'travelling' apart from 'holidaying' - some logistical, some to do with the mindset, but one of the key elements is community. Backpackers, boondockers, digital nomads - they all know that it's not just the things we see but the people we meet that broaden our minds. 
What you can gain

Best of all though... we give you actual rewards for being an active part of the community. Not just points, or badges, or new hairstyles for your online avatar - cold hard cashCheck out our contributions and points page to find out more. 

What we offer

So we bring you Wally's World Tour - a community hub for like-minded travellers. We provide: 

A blog hub where you can browse through the blog and vlog offerings of thousands of other travellers, spanning every continent.

A community forum where you can post your questions and get answers from people who have found out the answers the hard way (so that you don't have to). 

Wally World Tour country guides, where our WWT staff seek out the best content, offers and tips for you to give you inspiration in your travels.