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Jennifer Bryant
Amber McDaniel

Prague overview written by Jennifer Bryant from Road House.  A Boutique hostel with a social, laid-back atmosphere.

First, let’s start out by confirming that Prague’s Old Town is every bit as beautiful as you’ve heard. No exaggeration, it’s straight out of a fairy tale. It has also been immortalised in classic movies like Mission Impossible, XXX as well as in INXS’s music video for Never Tear Us Apart. One of the (only) good things that came out of being occupied during WWII is that the city was left pretty much in-tact leaving lots of stunning examples of gothic, renaissance and baroque architecture. Not to mention the Jewish Quarter is home to the oldest synagogue in Europe which dates back to the 13th century. The city does a really good job spending lots of time and money to keep up the facades of buildings and the streets immaculately clean. Combine that with the beauty of the riverbank and it’s basically an Instagrammer’s dream.












Like many other cities, the picturesque Old Town (=Prague 1) is where you’ll find most of the historical sites. However, if you manage to escape the Prague 1 bubble, you’ll find that each of Prague’s neighbourhoods has its own identity and are all worth a visit. Prague 2 (Vinohrady) is home to students, the wealthy and a ton of great cafes and restaurants. Prague 3 (Zizkov) is the original alternative/Bohemian area with its dive bars and ‘real people’. Karlin (Prague 8) is young professional and hip, with Letna/Holesovice (Prague 6/7) being even hipper. It really is a city with something for everyone.


You’ve got the usual options for getting around the city. Public transport is integrated, fantastic and very cheap (less than a euro for a 30min ride on any combination of tram, metro or bus). When possible, it’s best to avoid taxis as they have a tendency to rip people – especially tourists – off. As such, Uber has become very popular and widely used in the past few years. That said, walking is probably your best bet as the centre is small and concentrated and hitting the pavement gives you a chance to fully take in the atmosphere and scenery.


Another long-standing rumour that we’re happy to confirm is that beer is generally cheaper than water at restaurants (at least if you go by the price-per-ml). The cost of food and drink has increased a fair bit in recent years, but you can still get a pint of beer for under 2 euros* pretty much wherever you go. Their simple and oh-so-satisfying street food fare of sausages and fried cheese sandwiches will cost you 2.50-3.00 euro*. Unsurprisingly, things tend to get cheaper the farther away from the center (and especially away from Old Town Square) you venture.

All the happy people at Road House hostel

TV Tower – the second ugliest building in the world with an amazing view and cool design inside, striking symbol of communist-era paranoia, the 216-metre TV tower was designed to block TV transmissions from the West. Ironically, it wasn’t completed until 1992, after communism had already fallen. We usually go every Tuesday together as a group and check out the observation tower at the top! In winter there’s ice skating outside

Vitkov Memorial – an important symbol for Prague and the 3rd largest bronze equestrian statue in the world! Such an amazing view of the city from the top of the hill. We go on Saturdays usually as a group, too.

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