Contribution Rewards ​

Make more than just good feelings...

Being able to contribute to the travelling community is a rich and rewarding experience in itself, but we know that on a shoestring budget every penny counts. That's why we offer actual cash rewards for your contributions, plus a host of seriously cool prizes. The system is simple - you'll have seen it with sites like Tripadvisor or Yahoo answers. The difference is, here your points make prizes!  

A forum post asking a question                 2pts

A forum post providing a useful answer   3pts

An upvote on your forum post                   1pt

A blog post                                                10pts

A vlog post                                                20pts

A blog/vlog view                                       3pts

A blog/vlog upvote                                   5pts

On top of this, a host of monthly competitions -

photography, means we've got shed loads of

points to give out. But what can you do with them?

200 points = £1   (you need a total of £10 to bank your


500 points = A night at the Ginger Monkey hostel



So what are you waiting for? Head over to our members section, get signed up, and get writing. 

Beta-tester Bonus: 
Contribute a country page (subject to our page requirements - see FAQ) and receive 200 points and ongoing page view bonuses
Spot a mistake (spelling error, broken link, outdated information, etc) and receive 10 points - just send admin a message here.