How do we calculate our 'value destination' index?

There are lots of fancy ways to calculate the value of a country - Eurostat and the Post Office have some interesting approaches, and economists like to play around with the Big Mac index, purchase price parity and measures of the 'standard shopping basket'. Cards on the table, there's no scientific way in which we calculate our measure of value - we just kind of get a feel for it from the travel we've undertaken, and you feel we've got it wrong by all means let us know

I think I could write a really good country page for Wally's World Tour, what should I do?

First of all - brilliant, thanks! We're looking for enthusiastic and experienced writers. First off, contact us to register your interest in writing a page, and then we'll ask you to send some form of proof that you've stayed in that destination for at least a week. From there - check out our Slovakia page template to see what kinds of information we need included, and then get writing! You'll receive points for your initial contribution, plus ongoing points based on how often the page is viewed.

It probably goes without saying, but content needs to be both original and accurate. Submissions may be subject to some editing to give it the good ol' Wally voice. 


Is your content independent? 

Pretty much - yes. We only have people contribute to the Wally World Tour pages if they have actually visited that destination, which is not always true for even the most reputable published travel guides. On the blog and community forum pages, we do not hold any responsibility for the content published, but we do have moderators who try to keep on top of posts and exclude anything that looks like irrelevant or unsolicited advertising. If you spot any problems, you can report them here.  


Where services, hostels, restaurants or anything are included in our 'Wally's World Tour Country Guide' pages, this is because our writers have genuinely recommended them. When they are included, we then contact the business in question, and ask them if they would like us to either develop a WWT page especially for their services, or link to their own external website. For both of these services, we charge them a fee - but they are free to say 'no thanks' and we will still include their name within our recommendations. 


Sometimes, we contact companies who we think might be interested in being included on one of our pages. When this is the case, we clearly mark any reference to them as 'sponsored'. 


Our other advertising - which is clearly marked - is generated by a third party service, so we don't control what you see. However, if you have any concerns about it at all, please contact us  and we will do our best to remove it. 

Unfortunately - for us to offer this service, and to be able to offer you a reward for your contributions, advertising is a necessary evil (and hey, sometimes some of the adverts are actually quite good). We ask you to support us by turning off your ad-blocker when you visit. Thanks!