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Solo Travel in the High Tatras, Slovakia

ooooh that view from the Ginger Monkey porch!!!!

Trains are fantastic. Do y’all know about trains?! With a train, you can turn a two-day break from working yer ass off in Praha into a magical mountain getaway in the High Tatras of Slovakia!  Which is just what I did.

Want to visit the High Tatras? Concerned because you’re a solo traveler and everything in the mountains seems designed for families? Fear not! Your guide is here.  Click me to keep on reading.

Hiking in the High Tatras in Slovakia

Dan and I were so excited to spend some time in the mountains that we booked four nights in Zdiar – the longest we had spent anywhere since traveling from Myanmar in January. What followed were four blissful days of mountain hikes, taking the hostel’s adorable/insane dog Wally for walks, and bowls and bowls of goulash.  Click me to keep on reading.