Contribution Rewards ​

Make more than just good feelings...

So you have decided to join us and now you want to know what the return is for you, well first of all and most importantly you are now a lot cooler than you use to be and will be respected significantly more by your friends when they see you are part of the Ginger Monkey extended family.  If this is not enough then read on. 


For doing nothing more than sending us a link to your blog, which we will then place on our site at all the relevant locations that you have posted about we will add you to the esteemed page of ‘WRITERS’ yes I know this is a big deal and you should be very excited.  You will have your blog seen by all our guests and new users and gather more followers. If you send us a picture of your lovely smiley face and a brief description about you, your dreams and fav location, we will host it on the much respected ‘writers page’.


The next stage should you wish to continue and gather more respect from your friends and family and may i say a little jealousy from a few people, all you have to do is 1 of the 2 following things or better still 2 of the 2 following things.


The first task is to write up a Country front page, this requires the following points 


1, descriptions

2, location

3, population

4, Price of a beer,breakfast or other random but massively relevant!


The second is to write an article about a specific location which will be hosted at that page on the site. Again you will be acknowledged that you were the author. 


In addition to articles and country pages you could also send us video clips you have made whilst travelling, highlighting whatever you want to show from a particular location, so if you enjoy being behind the camera or in front this is your way to get involved and get your work seen by the masses. Take a look at the link below for inspiration.


Now the fun part, your reward assuming we can use it and its not rude and not to many spelling mistakes is that for every ‘country’ header page, article and clip shown on the site we will issue you with a WALLY DOLLAR!!

$$$$$$$$$$$ yes there you have it a wally dollar which is the equivalent of a 1 Bark! 10 Wally Dollars = 10 Barks. 


You maybe wondering the value of this craptocurrency, well be patient we are getting there.  


For every piece of work we use and we will use it all as long as you don’t rewrite a country page we already have we will issue you with 1 Wally Dollar, which is the equivalant of a  'Bark'.


5 Wally$ = 5 Barks = A Certificate which could be very handy in an interview if your decide to become a journalist or an english teacher.

20 Wally$ =  20 Barks = 1 free night at the ginger monkey hostel Slovakia.

20 Wally$ = Wallys world tour T shirt.

20 Wally$ =  Wallys world tour hat.

50 Wally$ = Wallys world tour hoody.