Britt Jeffs

It’s about meeting new people, it’s about eating a heap of local food, and it’s about really discovering the history of a place.

There really is no other way to describe this dish than Austrian ‘spam’. While this doesn’t come in a can, it does have the same consistency and gelatinous look of spam.

To say I was reluctant to eat this was an understatement. At first glance it didn’t appeal to me at all. But my friends harped on about how good it was and that I absolutely needed to try it. So we went to one of the most famous Leberkase stalls in Vienna and order three of them.

They come stuffed with all kinds of flavours. Between the three of us we ordered the Leberkase with cheese, Leberkas with chilli and the Leberkase with roasted onions, bacon and chilli. The best way to eat it is in a roll with pickles.

This dish reminded me that looks aren’t everything. It ended up being one of my favourite Austrian dishes. It was super delicious!